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Spatial development
Firstly in 2025 with five satellites,
then five years later with our first space shuttle,
Altiore now makes heavy spacecraft cargo and warship.

(Crew provided as additional service³)
Because everybody needs some specific tools,
or people knowing how use it,
we propose both.

(warranty included²)
Research and production
Our hundreds of scientists teams are used
to create what you need in a short time,
and produce it in a high amount quickly.

(loss of control warranty included¹)
Always on your side
During WWIII, a lot of governments couldn't handle all their conflits
and subscribed to Altiore services.
Since this days, we're the first galaxy's armed force.

No matter you need protection for goods or a living being,
on earth or in space. We're here for you.

(Integrity subject's warranty included⁴)
Our staff, the elite
Hired from the bests armies or armed forces around the globe,
our staff are formed to light and heavy weaponry,
and can work as technician and mechanician in critical situations.

(BRAND NEW SERVICE: two sentinels in stasis in your cargo spaceship for shipment or person protection⁵)
Intelligence Service
A brand new service forthcoming !
commercial service
1| In any case, collateral damages costs are included in the price of the service. Prices are bespoke. 2| Five (5) years warranty is included for any electronic mades, ten (10) years for weapon, fiveteen (15) years for terrestrial vehicle, twenty (20) years for any other vehicle or spaceship.
3| Price of one (1) unit crew (any type) depends on his statistics. 4| In case of breach of contract, the value of the entity to protect is refunded.
5| A brand new service is actually in test phase for cargoship protection, please contact us for more informations. All prices are subject to VAT.